The Determinant Factors of Informal Female Employment: Analyzing the Professional Choices of Women in Grand Casablanca, Morocco
Abdelaziz KHALFAOUI, Abdelhak BZIOUI

Informal jobs represent a significant part of the Moroccan economy (around 40% of total employment in 2014). The considerable weight of informal activities raises questions about the personal characteristics of employees within the different segments of the Moroccan labor market. Statistical analysis in multinomial logistic regression of the determinants of informal female employment in the Grand Casablanca region reveal glaring precariousness of the informal wage of Moroccan women. According to this study, this status is dedicated to very young women, ill-educated, born close to their job, and who aspire to a better status than their current one and that ultimately informal employment can hardly be associated with an occupational choice. Furthermore, the differences between formal and informal assets in terms of human capital and socio-demographic profiles reinforce the thesis of the segmentation of the Moroccan labor market (formal / informal). The precariousness of the status of women in the labor market is still a reality despite the political efforts made recently by the Moroccan authorities.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jeds.v9n1a10