Competitive Planning and Economic Development, the Contribution of Maurice Allais Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science (1988)

Following the failures of liberalism during the 1929 crisis and the rise of authoritarian planning, Maurice Allaissought to trace an alternative pathway - competitive planning - for the French economy, Europe and developing countries. Competitive planning had to combine the fundamental advantages of a market economy withthose of conscious action by the State, following a Plan for the realization of an economy that was both more efficient and more equitable. Maurice Allais considers that the use of competitive market economy does notimply that the State should remain inactive. On the contrary, considerable tasks must be accomplished by the State and it alone has the legitimacy to do so. The system of laws, the monetary plan, developing theinfrastructure, social legislation, the training of managers, and the education system are crucial when it comes to building a fairer society.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jeds.v8n4a7