Unthinkable Journeys: Sub-Saharan Africa Involuntary Youth Migration
David Mabior Atem

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) youth migration to Europe remains a significant challenge for those making the journey. This paper highlights the dangers of the youth's route to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe and other developed economies in search of better opportunities. The push factors are poor economic opportunities, insecurity, political instability, and weak institutions incapable of performing and providing the needed services. Youths are responding tothose push factors by taking a risky journey in search of better opportunities in foreign lands. However, undertaking the involuntary migration poses a significant obstacle to the youth who are escaping destitutions in their respective countries. Political instability and insecurity, to some extent, in Sub Saharan Africa are caused by the intra-inter-conflicts resulting from the artificial boundaries created during the colonial administrations. The conflicts create insecurity and poor economic conditions that force youths to escape in the hope of finding and accessing better lives in foreign lands. Sub-Sahara African countries can reduce the number of youth migrants by creating vibrant economies, strengthening institutions that prioritize security and development as well as practicing good governance that respects the rule of law. These are some of the solutions to the problems of youth migration. The paper is structured in the following order, introduction, theoretical framework, youth unemployment, political instability, and differences in political opinion as causes of conflict and measures to reduce youth migration. The paper ends with a conclusion andrecommendations.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jeds.v8n3a5