Drivers of Multidimensional Poverty: New Evidence in Benin
Roch Edgard Gbinlo

The eradication of extreme poverty is one of the pillars of the Sustainable Development Goals.Thus, this study analyzes multidimensional poverty and its determinants in Benin, using the 2015 Benin Living Standard Survey and estimating a multinomial probit regression. The findings suggest that in 2015, 49.25% of the households are neither monetary nor non- monetary poor, while 18.49%, 18.33%, and 13.93% are monetary poor, non-monetary poor, and both monetary and non-monetary poor respectively, indicating that more than half of the households are poor. The estimation results indicate that factors such as living in rural settings, being a female-headed household, having a widowed person as household head, and having experienced biophysical shocks increase the likelihood to be poor. However, factors like household head age, and having at least primary education level decrease the odds to be poor. It should be noted that the findings differ across the types of poverty.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jeds.v8n1a6