The Impact of Deregulation and Privatization on Financial and Operation Performance of Telecommunication Sector in Arab Countries
Ahmad Mashal

The main objectives of this study are to evaluate the impact of deregulation and privatization on financial and operating performance of telecommunication sector in Arab countries. Previous Studies clearly showed positive effects of privatization on the privatized firms performance provided that privatization is accompanied by effective, independent regulation as well as by fair competition. In this study, financial and operating performance of 15 telecoms in Arab countries, privatized through public share offering over the time period (1994-2003) is investigated. MNR (Megginson and Netter Regressions) univariate testing procedure is used to compare performance levels of the studied telecoms after and before privatization. Although privatization has led to significant increase in operating efficiency and capital expenditure, these increases were accompanied by significant decrease in employment. Panel data analyses was employed to determine whether the change in liquidity and sales as well as privatization and market value of the Arab privatized firms are attributed to privatization. It is found that profitability, operating efficiency and capital expenditure have significantly increased after privatization, accompanied by a significant decrease in employment.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jeds.v6n4a8