Sight on Financial Crises Comparative Study between Islamic Economy and Postal Economy (2008 Crises Standard)
Mohammed Abd-Alkarim Almomani, Mohyi Aldin Yaqob Abu Alhoul

This study intended to identify the global financial crises by identifying the major causes followed by describing he developed effect on economic systems and conclude the methods to overcome and predict such situations. The researcher used the descriptive approach which explains the problem of the research topic to achieve its goals through a survey-based analytical study of related documents, books, research article, followed by showing the theoretical background of financial crises .The research reached detailed results ,where the overall conclusion states that the postural economy is based on usury and al gharar ( buying something with total ignorance regarding the bargain), and usury , which is strictly prohibited in the Islamic economy and trading . In addition, the Islamic religion forbids everything that might lead to wrongfully usurping people's money .Still, the Islamic religion grant all kind of investment based on profits gained with the fair loss prediction bases.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jeds.v6n1a5