An Analysis of Chinese 4G Telecom Market
Xing Tang, Xin Xia

Two years after China’s 4G mobile networks first began operations, the country now has 562 million 4G subscribers across its three main telcos. This paper considers a triopoly model based on nonlinear demand functions which is different from previous relative studies. We apply the model into Chinese 4G telecommunication market and study game process of the triopoly. By using the theory of bifurcations of dynamical systems, local stable region of Nash equilibrium point is obtained. Then we use simulations to show complex dynamical behaviors of the system. The results illustrate that altering the relevant parameters of the system can affect the stability of Nash equilibrium point and finally cause chaos to occur. The results have an important theoretical and practical significance to Chinese 4G telecom market..

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jeds.v4n4a3