A Growth Story: Globalisation, Multinational Companies and India
Sumru Bakan, Elif Yildirimci

Today, globalisation has undeniable effects on almost all countries around the world. Its influence has been seen especially in economic, political and social fields. Moreover, for developing countries, it could be considered as a propulsive force to sustain and/or raise their growth via multinational companies. Multinational companies’ share in the developing countries Growth Domestic Product (GDP) is getting bigger day by day and it is correspondingly affecting those countries in various aspects from economy, policy to politics or the position of country in international trade to regional economy. In this humble work, main focus will be globalisation’s impacts on India, as one of developing countries, via the country’s attraction for direct foreign investments by using economic and financial data. The reason why India has been chosen as a case study is that India is not only an emerging market and growing economy but it is a huge country in terms of geography and demography. It also has been supportive that very close to China (assumingly one of next superpowers) and recent increases in the trading volume of India worldwide. Findings of the research demonstrate that globalisation throughout multinational companies has positive effects on India as a developing country.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jeds.v3n3a13