Urbanization Problem and the Challenge of Youth Unemployment in Urban Centres in Nigeria
Ademu Wada Attah

This paper analyses the problem of urbanization and youth unemployment in urban centres in Nigeria. The paper adopts analytical approach in the analysis. It holds that view that urbanization and youth unemployment in Nigeria is are a product of the narrow base of the economy, mismatch of qualifications with employers’ needs, lack of exposure of students to the real world of work, corruption, inappropriate economic policies, infrastructural decay, unfavourable investment climate, uneven development between urban and rural areas. This paper is of the opinion that these problems can be addressed at two levels: (1) Measures to address the problems of the economy which include diversification of the economic base, eradication of corruption, enthronement and implementation of appropriate economic policies, building and repair of infrastructure, building and repair of infrastructure (2) Measures to reposition the youth for employment that consist of public employment strategies, regulatory strategies, leadership strategies, entrepreneurship strategies. The paper concludes that governments must be directly involved in creating jobs in addition to creating jobs creation environment by mobilizing stakeholders in the economy to invest in job creating opportunities.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jeds.v3n1a8