Economic Impact of a Salt Dome Natural Gas Storage Facility
Dr. Charles Hawkins, Dr. Jimmy D. Moss

In the global economy of today, the United States is losing high paying manufacturing jobs to foreign competition. Fortunately, developments in the natural gas sector of the energy industry has created an opportunity to somewhat offset this trend. Investors are finding it profitable to develop storage facilities located in close proximity to industrial, commercial, and residential users. Salt domes are one type of storage facility that both protects natural gas from the entry of contaminates and safely retains stored gas until it is ready for distribution. This report presents the regional economic impact of one such facility from its construction to its operation. Facilities such as this not only provide excellent employment opportunities themselves, but also help to sustain general business activities and support governments in communities where they are located. Furthermore, their economic impact is not just limited to their direct expenditures, but extends to the indirect and induced effects resulting from an intertwined, interdependent economy.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jeds.v3n1a1