Global Economic Meltdown on Nigerian Capital Market
Biokoro Clifford, Hasret Balcioglu

The intensification of the crisis has noticeably exposed the vulnerability of the international financial system to short-term capital flow; the Nigerian capital market is not left out. This study therefore focuses on the effect of Global Economic Meltdown on the Nigerian Capital market. An econometric model is specified using market capitalization as a proxy for Nigerian capital market. The emphasis is on the quantitative influence of each of the predetermined variables on the endogenous. Data for regression analysis are collected from various secondary sources. The data used in this study covers the period of 1997-2008 to make the findings more recent and applicable to the present state of the Nigerian economy. The method of analysis includes the use of Ordinary Least Square (OLS), and other statistical test like F-test, T-test, R2 and Durbin-Watson Statistic (DW). It has been concluded that market capitalization is positively influenced by FDI and external reserves.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jeds.v2n4a11