Proposal of Composite Appraising Supportive Progress beyond Twelve (12) Economic Sustainability Indices
Azniv Petrosyan

The purpose of sustainable development represents as the precursor of nowadays policy makers and planners. Sustainability indices are supporting well-informed verdicts as an important topic in economy. The current manuscript proffers composite appraising supportive progress (CASP) beyond evaluation of twelve (12) sustainability indices: ecological footprint (EF), human development index (HDI), environmental sustainability index (ESI), index of sustainable economic welfare (ISEW), well being index (WI), gross domestic product (GDP), genuine savings index (GS), sustainability performance index (SPI), sustainable society index (SSI), sustainability index (SI), sustainable development index (SDI) and composite sustainable development index (CSDI). These twelve (12) indices are suggested by investigating thousands of papers. Indices are explored as concepts recounting on scaling, normalizing, weighting and aggregating methodologies. Pros and cons approaches are examined for each economic metrics as per decision making inspirations. Preference is given to CSDI as a main leader in all inspected sustainability indices. A proposal for the new economic sustainability metric is provided in illustrating the concept of CASP and pointing to combined sustainable development on the way to composite appraising supportive progress.

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