Educational Mismatch and Regional Disparities: Case of Tunisian Youth Graduates
Salwa Trabelsi, Nadia Zrelli Ben Hamida

In this paper, we examine the effects of different categories of determinants factors on the mismatch of educational attainment of youth graduates in Tunisia and the effectiveness of the employment government policies. Our main objective is to consider the regional aspect more especially to distinguish between the inland areas (the West areas) where the youth graduate unemployment is the most higher and the coastal areas (the East areas) where this problem is less important. As our knowledge this paper is the first work in Tunisia that analyses the determinant factors of the mismatch for high-skilled education levels by governorates using the database of the National Employment Agency and Self Employment (ANETI) of the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment. The results confirm regional disparities in mismatching situation. Individuals from coastal governorates present less chance to be placed within mismatching situation compared to the inland regions where economic activity and development are limited.

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